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Lake Rabun is a twisty 835-acre reservoir with 25 miles of shoreline located in the Northeastern corner of Georgia in Rabun County. It is the third lake in a six-lake series that follows the original course of the Tallulah River. The series begins with Lake Burton as the northernmost lake, followed by Lake Seed, Lake Rabun, Lake Tallulah Falls, Lake Tugalo, and Lake Yonah. Lake Rabun was built in a deep valley located along a 10-mile section of the Tallulah River.
The lakes are owned and operated by the Georgia Power Company to generate hydroelectric energy for Georgia's largest city, Atlanta. At one time these lakes were the largest producers of electricity in the state of Georgia. Now, they only provide peak power supply.
Lake Rabun began filling in May 1915 with the completion of the Mathis Dam to form a reservoir of over ten million gallons covering 834 acres with a normal water level of 1,690 feet above mean sea level. The property was purchased by the Georgia Railway and Power Company (later renamed Georgia Power Company). The Mathis Dam is an ambursen-type concrete dam with a height of 108 feet and a span of 660 feet. The Terrora Hydroelectric Plant at Mathis Dam has a generation capacity of 16,000 kilowatts. The reservoir elevation is listed as 1,683 feet on topographic maps, but Georgia Power considers the lake full at an elevation of 1,689.6 feet.
Lake Rabun has a rich and unique Fourth of July celebration that is sponsored and coordinated by the Lake Rabun Association (LRA). Each year there is a wooden boat parade that follows the shore lines of the lake. Prizes are given to the most decorated boat and boat house. In the evening a spectacular fireworks display is given directly on the lake. Spectators watch the display from hundreds of boats crowded along the lower basin of the lake.
Due to the large growth of Atlanta in recent years, Lake Rabun has become a second home to some of the most wealthy and politically connected individuals in the state of Georgia. Although Lake Rabun has experienced a huge housing boom due to leased lots by the Georgia Power Company, most home owners are summer weekend residents. Due to the small size of the lake and strong home owners association, and powerful board members, the lake has resisted many attempts to further commercialize and potentially damage its quaint appeal.

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