Sky Valley

Nestled into a tranquil valley more than 3,300 feet above sea level, Sky Valley Golf Club is within a 20-minute drive from Highlands, N.C., 15 minutes from Clayton, Ga., and just 90 minutes from either Atlanta or Athens. The resort is also within easy reach of upstate South Carolina’s rapidly growing Greenville-Spartanburg metropolitan area, making it the perfect mountain get-away retreat for many golf enthusiasts in the Southeast.


Lake Burton

At 2,775 acres, Lake Burton is the largest of Georgia Power's North Georgia lakes. Lake Burton, with 62 miles of shoreline. Lake is formed by concrete gravity dam. Spillway (crest elevation, 1,860.0 ft) is equipped with eight gates 22 ft wide by 6.6 ft high. Dam completed in 1919. Total capacity at elevation 1,866.6 ft, top of gates, is 108,000 acre-ft, of which 106,000 acre-ft is usable storage. Lake is used for power development. Capacity curve and month end elevations furnished by Georgia Power Company.


Lake Rabun

Lake Rabun Homes For Sale

Lake Rabun has a rich and unique Fourth of July celebration that is sponsored and coordinated by the Lake Rabun Association (LRA). Each year there is a wooden boat parade that follows the shore lines of the lake. Prizes are given to the most decorated boat and boat house. In the evening a spectacular fireworks display is given directly on the lake. Spectators watch the display from hundreds of boats crowded along the lower basin of the lake.


Franklin NC

The land that is now Macon County was originally part of the vast territory of the Cherokee Indians, who shared a sophisticated culture and an organized tribal government. The Spanish were the first of the European explorers to come, under Hernando DeSoto in 1540, and later, under Juan Pardo and probably others seeking gold. No evidence survives of the Spaniards in Macon County, although it is said that Spanish artifacts were one recovered from sites along the Little Tennessee River. 


Clayton Ga

As you climb the 12 miles and 500 feet to Clayton; the roads follow ancient river beds that cut a North-South valley that the Cherokee used to migrate through these mountains; you are on U.S. 441. If you are travelling East-West; rivers still flow creating a valley road now U.S. 76 that the Cherokee used to travel to get to the place called the "Dividings". This area is now Clayton, the county seat of the most Northeastern Georgia County - Rabun County.


Dillard Ga

During Prohibition, moon shining (making corn liquor) was an accepted way of life and Rabun County became the moonshine capital of Georgia. During the thirties, the depression took a heavy toll on the town and Dillard family. Arthur lost the general store, but following World War II, good times returned as tourists and summer residents rediscovered the area. The new Dillard House dining room was built in 1958 and the area quickly became a favorite destination for the well-to-do, including Robert Woodruff, the president of Coca-Cola.


Highlands NC

Very little changed until the late 1920's, when the Cullasaja River was dammed, forming Lake Sequoyah, to provide hydroelectric power. A specacularly scenic road to Franklin was carved into the rock walls of the Cullasaja Gorge. The muddy roads in and out of town were reinforced with crushed stone. By the time the Chamber of Commerce was established in 1931, the town?s population had increased to 500 with 2,500 to 3,000 summer guests. There was now 25 businesses.


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